Henderson Engineers, Inc. (Henderson) and Concept 520 has worked diligently over the last decade to interlace sustainable concepts into our standard business practices. From the office supplies that we buy, through the designs that we assemble, we believe that every decision should be shaded by environmental considerations. Our experience has taught us that each project can achieve significant energy savings through thoughtful decision making and intelligent allocation of resources. In the end, it's about doing more with less to achieve our clients' sustainability goals by leveraging our knowledge and experience gained through 40 years of design.

From complex and far-reaching goals such as, cutting 25% of annual energy consumption for the nation’s largest retailer, to straightforward single equipment specifications, as a standard practice, Henderson applies sustainable thinking on every project to deliver efficient solutions to suit our client’s individual needs.


Ryan Evans, PE, LEED AP 
Sustainability Analyst
EMAIL ryan.evans@hei-eng.com


Design Consulting

  • Envelope analysis
  • Energy and water benchmarking
  • System configuration analysis
  • Equipment selection
  • Goal setting / design review
  • Regional design

Computer Simulation

  • Energy modeling
  • Daylight simulation
  • Solar modeling

Financing Consulting

  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Tax incentives / rebate analysis
  • Cost estimating assistance

Carbon Consulting

  • Footprint analysis
  • Offset options
  • Reduction options

LEED® Consulting

  • Goal setting
  • Documentation assistance
  • LEED® process facilitation

Project Management

  • Sustainability master planning
  • Project facilitation
  • Owners representation

Regulatory / Code Compliance

  • Code review
  • Title 24 compliance
  • Energy code compliance