With over 40 years of experience with grocery and retail design, Henderson has developed and integrated reliable and efficient refrigeration designs into all types and sizes of grocery and retail operations. Our experience ranges in size from convenience stores to multi-story combo stores in all 50 states and internationally. Henderson’s in house team of engineers have proven results; bringing our refrigeration engineering background and knowledge of in-store operations, we work closely with the Owners to address ongoing equipment changes by bringing more efficient systems, operations, or merchandising to the stores. By offering integrated and coordinated refrigeration designs, Henderson can streamline the overall design and construction process and present efficiencies to the store owner.


Tony Welter, PE
Director of Refrigeration
EMAIL tony.welter@hei-eng.com


Refrigeration System Design

  • Direct Expansion, Secondary Glycol / CO2, Cascade and Transcritical CO2 Systems
  • System Capacity Calculations
  • Pipe, Evaporator and Valve Sizing
  • Refrigeration Electrical Design
  • Heat Reclaim Calculations
  • Defrost Scheduling
  • Refrigeration Controls Integration and Parameters Determination
  • System Legends
  • Vendor Coordination and Shop Drawing Reviews
  • Energy Efficiency and Carbon Footprint Reduction
  • Full-Service Engineering - not reliant on a Contractor
  • More Control over Contractor Bidding
  • Ability to Set Up Controls to Match Design Intent
  • Brings Together System, Controls and Electrical Refrigeration System Design

Refrigerant Conversion Engineering

  • Replacement Refrigerant Evaluation/ Comparison
  • System Conversion Design

Design Development Studies

  • New Technologies
  • Design Improvements
  • Cost Reduction Opportunities

Construction Administration

  • Commissioning
  • Site Visits